Use DRONE_USER_CREATE to login without git server (yet)

While trying to run a locally without yet installing a gitea instance. I’m trying to login using DRONE_USER_CREATE variable. The problem is that in there is no description on what “token” is. My questions are:

  1. Can I login in any way (unix account or non-unix account) using this variable?
  2. If yes, how can i setup the password?
  3. What is token? A hash of a string for passwords? The actual string in plain text?

Thanks in advanced

Christos Choutouridis

you do not set a password. You provide your Gigea username. Then you login to Drone using your Gitea password. For more details about this setting, see


So it is not possible if I don’t have gitea user yet? It only works if we have a user in github/gitlab/gitea etc…?

I now have a gitea server running but still no luck. Drone still asking me to login and doing that with gitea user with or without password is failing. So:

  1. Still don’t know what token is. This is not very helpful.
  2. In terminal we can see how I start drone inside docker. Note: Both gitea and drone served via apache with proxy settings locally in a VM for testing.
  3. Documentation seams to be absent for gitea, token. Drone for gitea has only ??2 options?? and I think that _GITEA_URL has changes to _GITEA_SERVER for v1.0. gitea is bound on localhost:3000 and served via apache in gitea.localhost:80. This DRONE_GITEA_SERVER=http://gitea.localhost is enough? How can we inform drone inside the docker for the “outside” localhost? With --add-host=gitea.localhost: option to docker, drone gives me “Login Failed. Not Found”
  4. A lot of howtos use github OAuth. Do we have to:
  • Configure drone for github
  • create a OAuth from github
  • login once in drone with github OAuth and create user/admin??
  • change the configuration of the drone to use gitea
  • somehow restart drone inside docker to use gitea from now on?

Some feedback in any direction will be appreciated.