Upload all the files from the subfolders recursively using the step Upload Artifacts to S3

We can use Upload Artifacts to S3 step to upload artifacts to AWS or other S3 providers, such as MinIO as explained here

If we specify a folder in the source path of this step to get all the files uploaded in the folder, we would get the a warning in the step execution log similar to the one given below, which is skipping the files in the subfolder while uploading.

level=warning msg="Skipping 'test1/test2' since it is a directory. Please use correct glob expression if this is unexpected."

We do support glob expression in the source and target path configuration in the Upload Artifacts to S3 step.
In order to get all the files from the current folder and subfolders to be uploaded, we can use the expression test1/**/* for example which will upload all the files recursively.