Updates to the Drone Garbage Collector (Drone GC)

I updated the Drone garbage collector, a Docker garbage collector that specializes in cleaning up resources on Drone build machines. The changes include:

  1. Changed to Open Source License (was previously a Proprietary license)
  2. Checks io.drone.expires label to avoid pruning resources that may still be in use. Previously there was a possible race condition where an unused volume or network would be removed right before the Pipeline would begin
  3. Images for arm and arm64 now available on Dockerhub

I will be running the garbage collector at Drone Cloud and monitoring its performance over the next few days. The goal is to ship version 1.0 of the garbage collector in conjunction with the Drone 1.0 final release on March 18.

Please note the garbage collector only works with the latest version of the Drone agent, from master. Previous versions of the agent, including rc.6, were not correctly setting the io.drone.expires label.