Update on HA progress?

Hey, my company is looking into Drone to escape the perils of Jenkins. The only thing limiting us in HA, I know that was being planned, I am curious on the current progress there? Thanks

The primary focus right now is working toward stabilizing the end-user touchpoints. These include the yaml configuration file, secret management, and plugins. Once these are stabilized I can start working toward creating a more stable, scalable codebase.

The challenge with HA is that we currently have two stateful components to Drone. These are the database and the build queue. I presume the database could be configured to use some sort of replication or failover without any changes to the core codebase (not my area of expertise, though). The build queue, on the other hand, will require development effort to gracefully handle network or server failures without interruption.

These efforts could definitely be accelerated with community contributions or with enterprise sponsors, if this is something your company would be interested in.