Under What Circumstances Do I get Sync Issue After Creating Application Using Harness CD GitOps?


  • Harness CD, GitOps


  • Infrastructure: Harness Saas

  • OS: Windows, Mac


I was creating an Application on Harness CD GitOps and got these issues after creating Application. I was trying out 2 different scenarios.

Scenario:1 - I got this error after application creation.

Scenario:2 - A current sync status as UNKNOWN.

Error screenshot-1

Error screenshot-2


Generally this happens when you try to refer GitOps Agent, cluster and repository to multiple applications while setting it up.

To answer your first question, you cannot share resources across multiple applications as the whole idea is to automate the deployment with a git sync that reflects the desired state on the target Kubernetes cluster. So, ‘Out of Sync’ sync status is the expected behavior.

To answer your second question, from the error message it is clear that it is the issue with the manifest file referred to. Correct the manifest file and you will not see this issue again.