Unable to set events for secrets in drone UI

Hey All,

how do I set events for drone secrets in UI like in command below
$ drone secret add \

  • –event=pull_request \
  • –event=push \
  • –event=tags

I could see push, tags and deployments are automatically added but I want to add pull_request as well.

drone secret add --event=push --event=tags --event=deployment --event=pull_request repo/hello --name hello --value test
client error 400: Error inserting secret. Invalid Secret Name

command also fails with invalid secret name. I am running Drone 0.8.5


I think you have to specify the --name and --value options before the repo name:

drone secret add \
    --event=push --event=tags --event=deployment --event=pull_request \
    --name hello --value test \
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You simply can’t do this on the UI.

From CLI this is what I do:

drone secret add --name supersecret --event push --event tag --event deployment --event pull_request --value "xxx" --repository myrepo

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