Unable to parse the output list of first step to next step using looping strategy "repeat"

Problem Statement

We are trying to generate a list of strings and using that output from a step to next step looping strategy, but it is throwing an error.

"Invalid request: Could not parse the repeat strategy. Please ensure you are using list of strings"


The issue is occurring because the Output Variable of the shell script is a string, which you are trying to pass as a list of strings, to avoid this :

  • First you need to convert your array/list into a string and then pass it as an output variable (note that Output variable can be of only two type either a String or a Secret).

  • Then convert this string into a list of string again before passing it to the repeat strategy.

Here are the steps to follow :

  1. We have a list which of items, that we would like to iterate, we will convert this into a string to pass it as an output variable :

items=("18", "17", "16", "15", "14", "13", "12", "11", "10", "9")
new_var_pubic_ids=$(printf "%s," "${items[@]}" | sed 's/,$//')
  1. Create a custom variable which would carry the value of the Output Variable as an expression and we will split it into a list of string within the same expression

  1. Now use this custom variable in your repeat strategy

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