Unable to login with a custom built ui (trying to run the pr with deployments enabled)

Hi, I have drone installed to Kubernetes via the helm chart. All is working great but I would like to take advantage of the deployment features located in this PR: https://github.com/drone/drone-ui/pull/332

I have pulled the branch and made a docker image out of it and uploaded it as a kubernetes pod. When I hit the url it seems to fail on hitting the server /api/user… get 401 unauthorized and displays a blank page. I assume it’s something to do with how I set up my routes to /login, I’m thinking the first call needs to hit the server but the redirect needs to hit the ui?

Are there any documents on how to inject your own custom built ui into the server pod?

Thank you.

It is not possible to inject a custom UI or run the UI standalone in this manner. The UI is embedded in the Drone binary at compile time. You would need to build the drone-ui project and generate the embedded Go file locally. You would then need to build the drone/drone repository from source, and alter its drone-ui dependency to point to your local drone-ui build.

Didn’t see your reply when I posted that… So is that currently the best way to get the deployment ui enabled?

I haven’t worked with go before, where would I alter that dependency? You wouldn’t happen to have a Dockerfile for this would you?

So how do I generate the embedded go files for the ui? It seems like the one in his fork is not updated as I deployed the drone server by modifying the github dependency urls to point to his fork and I do not see any changes on the ui. I don’t see anywhere in the drone pipeline where it generates the ui go files and I don’t see any instructions in the drone-ui project. Where can I find this generation step?

Please I’ve been asking everywhere and can’t seem to get an answer, the documentation of drone-ui does not specify… How do you “generate the embedded Go file locally???”