Unable to login to my drone instance with gitea oauth app

I am running drone on AWS EC2 when login to my instance I am getting


This API is returning 401 and I am also not able to login to my drone instance and generate token for my self .

Please help

/api/repos/login/oauth is not a valid path. perhaps you misconfigured your gitea oauth redirect url?

nope followed the docs this my redirect url

Is login/oauth the name of your repository?

I think I am not clear on the issue you are facing. You mention you are unable to login but the page you are showing me is a repository page (which is post login) which does not really help me diagnose login issues. What do your logs show? What error do you see that indicates a login problem? Are you facing these issues during the login process?

There was also a bug where we always display the sign-in button on a 404 page (even if you are logged-in) but your screenshot does not show me the full page, so I cannot see if you are logged in (by looking for your avatar in the bottom left bar).

Can I set up some time with you this week?

If you have purchased an enterprise support plan, you can reach out to your support representative and schedule time with one of our support engineers. Otherwise, we are happy to provide help via our community forum.