Unable to authenticate Github with Drone.io


My consulting company is working on a client project that has requested we setup Drone.io for them. I have been trying for sometime but keep getting “Cannot verify user authenticity” after selecting the organizations and doing OAuth via Github. Github org in question is: github_com/resourcebusy.

Not sure what else to do. Client and us wanted to pilot the cloud offering instead of rolling our own drone.io installation.

EDIT: somehow using my personal account github [dot] com/sidhant worked? Is my org’s account being blocked or something?


Hi @Sidhant_Gupta thanks for your question and with any good question i have a few more for you.
How are you installing drone ? and what runners are you using ? Is your clients organisation / user for github older than 30 days ?

Please bear in mind cloud.drone.io is a free resource for the community intended for Open Source projects You can see this in Brad’s announcement message to the community here Announcing Drone Cloud, A Free Continuous Integration Service for x86 and Arm

Thank you for the quick reply.

Yes their organization is more than a few months old but they have no public repositories. Also, I missed understanding that the SaaS offering is only for open source projects. My bad. This won’t work as their source code will not be open source.

I was under the impression that I would give it a try using a toy project and then switch them to a paid SaaS Drone offering.

Thank you for helping!