Two drone runners but only one ever gets work

No matter how many parallel builds I execute, my environment with two docker runners only ever runs.

There does not seem to be any issue with the configuration, any pointers on how to debug would be greatly appreciated.

@cmdematos in order to help triage issues with runners we need to see all of the following pieces of information:

  1. your server configuration
  2. your runner configuration
  3. your server logs with trace logging enabled
  4. your runner logs with trace logging enabled for the runner not receiving builds
  5. yaml file that can be used to reproduce the problem
  6. the data from /api/queue that shows builds are sitting in queue and not being picked up by the other runner (note that this requires sys admin privileged in Drone).

the runner logs and server logs provide detailed information that can help debug why a runner might not be picking up builds. Have you tried to evaluate the logs yet?