Troubleshooting agent / collector issues


You are having issues with the agent and/or collector but need to validate where the problem is occurring, i.e. unable to communicate over port 6060, unable to recognize server address, etc. We need a simple method to prove that our agent and/or collector is configured properly, and to prove that issues may be due to firewall restrictions, DNS resolutions, or other factors outside of OverOps, without the need to start/restart their JVM.


Agent - All versions
Collector - All versions
Backend - All versions


Utilize the built-in sample tool to test if the agent is able to communicate to the collector by using the following command line:

java -agentpath:/opt/takipi/lib/ com.overops.Tester

At the time of execution, the result will come up as the following:

Select an option:
1: Throw an exception
2: Write to log
3: Verify Overops Agent
q: Quit

If all configurations are set correctly, the agent will connected to the corresponding collector.

Using option 1 throws the exception java.lang.NullPointerException . We confirm in the dashboard that the exception was detected.

If you can’t see the agent showing up in the “OverOps is Active” windows as shown above, please quit the tester program and add the following argument to the command and start it again.

java -agentpath:/opt/takipi/lib/ com.overops.Tester

The log is print to the terminal. Please lookout for any type of error especially permissions issues.

Best Practice Agent installation

Ensure that the Takipi folder and subfolders are all assigned the same permission (user and group) as the user under which you have your application running.