Timeout error on github webhook


We are seeing strange timeout error in github webhook, when we try to trigger a build off of tag/version event_type.
However, it works when tag is created manually.
Looks like ref_type field is missing from the field. We don’t see any logs in drone server, seems like webhook is not even hitting the server.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Drone server outputs log entries for every webhook it receives. If you do not see any entries in the Drone server logs it would imply the http request is not reaching Drone. A timeout would usually indicate a DNS or some other networking configuration problem. It could even indicate a GitHub service disruption with regards to webhook delivery (although I don’t see anything at githubstatus.com)

I recommend taking a look at this document, which documents many common root causes and may provide some useful insights: Nothing happens when I push code, no builds, or builds stuck in pending

Thanks for the quick response.

We haven’t changed anything recently either in the server configuration nor the pipeline, builds were passing as expected yesterday.
Maybe it’s GitHub issue, but as you said nothing reported on their site.
I will take a look at the document, thanks.

We received another report of problems with tag hooks. They claim that GitHub started sending the wrong commit sha (GitHub regression?) which would explain the timeout. Drone would be unable to fetch the yaml if the commit sha was incorrect. When Drone cannot fetch the yaml it retries multiple times for up to 90 seconds; the GitHub webhook stops waiting for a response from Drone after 30 seconds which is why you would see a timeout in GitHub.

EDIT: I should mention I ran a pipeline for a tag and was unfortunately unable to reproduce. We will continue to monitor and will post any updates we receive to this thread.

Thanks for sharing this info, much appreciated. I will continue to follow this thread and add in what we find.