Things to know before using Harness Approval step in Pipeline

Are you a new user who just got stuck with the creation of harness approval step and haven’t yet understood the RBAC in Harness. Let’s deep dive into it.

You can find more about RBAC in harness in our documentation, just an overview of it in the picture below.

As you could see here Harness RBAC is role-based. This means the permissions to resources are determined by the roles assigned to Users, User Groups, and Service Accounts.

And, when you are a new user for the first time using harness and want to add a Harness approval step to your pipeline but haven’t yet created a user group, you might face a situation similar to shown in the picture below where the prompted dialog box to select user group has no available user group.

So to avoid it you need to create RBAC and declare the roles as shown in the image below, before starting to create your pipeline.