There is any way to run the same pipeline for a lot ( > 3k ) git repos?

We would like to run the same .drone.yaml on each commit of all repos under the same organisation ( > 3k repos).

All these repos would have the same kind of data, the pipeline should check some features related on the data contained on the repos. If we need add one new check we need to be able to do apply new check in the pipeline in all (>3k repos) at once.

The upgrade for more than 3k .drone.yml files is not an option for us. There is any way to do this with drone?

You can use a configuration extension [1] for this purpose. Configuration extensions override how the Yaml is fetched and can be used to support the exact use case you described. For example, the extension could check a repository for a yaml and, if none exists, retrieve the yaml from a central location. You either need to create your own extension using our provided project template [1] or you can use an existing template created by one of our community members [2]

See also How to build from a repo without .drone.yml


Thank you @bradrydzewski , for your fast response.
I will sent you feedback as soon as I can test this solution !!!