The "commands" is not allowed as plugin parameter

I try to verify the behavior of Drone plugin parameters described in, however, found it seems “commands” is not allowed as plugin parameter.

If I specified following in .drone.yml

  - cmd1
  - cmd2
  - task1
  - task2
  username: octocat
  password: pa55word
tags: [ latest, 1.0, 1.0.0 ]

Within the environment variable of the plugin container, there is no PLUGIN_COMMANDS, but “PLUGIN_TASKS=task1,task2”, “PLUGIN_TAGS=latest,1,1.0.0”, “PLUGIN_BASIC_AUTH={“password”:“pa55word”,“username”:“octocat”}” and “PLUGIN_MASTERIP=”

Just wondering whether there is other reserved parameters?

The drone I used is built from mailline

git rev-parse HEAD


drone --version

drone version 0.5.0+

correct, commands is a reserved section for build steps only, and cannot be used in conjunction with plugins.


Does Drone have other reserved keywords? Where can I found them and related description, even the source codes in github is OK?

Besides, does Drone support full compatibility of Docker compose yaml file ( Otherwise what the scope Drone support?

Can user customize the Docker spec the stage container used? For example, can user mount extra Docker volume or specify Docker network for test stage?

Thanks again