Terraform variable to Helm Value

I’m looking at exporting a terraform variable (fsid) to be used as a helm value (fsid in storage class declaration) within the same workflow. At the moment I’ve managed to export the EFS filesystem id from terraform in a shell script and publish it to the context. How do I then use this as a helm value when setting up a storage class?

Hi @harnessn00b

For this use-case, you can export variables as an Artifact and then create values.yaml for helm deployment and reference it there.

Refer to this doc for further details.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Shruthikini,
I’ve gone through the doc and some of the other links for artifacts, and, apologies but its still not clear for me. Say if I export a variable from a shell script and publish it to the context of a workflow e.g. ${context.publish_var_name.output_var_name}, how do I get this into a helm chart? can i refer to this via the artifact <artifact.publish_var_name.output_var_name> ?

@harnessn00b this part of the docs that I shared meets your requirement.