Terraform using Delegate in EKS Cluster

I’m currently testing a workflow that gets and runs a terraform script from a github repo. I keep getting the error ‘Terraform Apply failed - No eligible delegate was able to confirm that it has the capability to execute [delegate name]’. I’ve installed a harness-delegate in my cluster as per harness instructions. The node group has t3.xlarge type. Secrets encryption in the cluster is off. I’ve tested the source repo provider connection and its able to connect. Any ideas?

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Can you confirm which version of terraform are you running?

By default terraform is installed at the delegate startup though for few versions of terraform, we need to have terraform installed on the delegate pod manually via shell script step to avoid delegate capability issue.

Please review this doc for supported integrations

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Thanks for your prompt reply. I managed to solve the issue following your advice. I ran a script on the delegate profile to install terraform 1.1.9. It looks like its working now.

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