Takipi service error - std::bad_alloc

Problem Description:

No events are updated/added to the dashboard. The following error can be seen in the collector log (bugtale_services.log).

Takipi service error - std::bad_alloc {LogManager}


SaaS: all V4 versions
Hybrid: all V4 versions
On-Premise: V4 all versions


Validate that the collector did not run out of disk space!


  1. Stop the collector
  2. Clear / remove the content of the work folder
    LINUX: rm -R <TAKIPI_HOME>/work
  3. Start the collector


  1. The server on which the collector is running on (or the respective partition) ran out of disk space.
  2. Data sent from the agents to the collector were corrupted potentially due to
  3. running out of disk at some point in the past.
  4. Incompatible agents are connected to that collector
    (Agents should be running the same or older Versions than the collector)

Note: You will lose the event information collected on the collector that have not been sent to the backend server yet.