Tags not building for me

I’m using drone 0.8.1 with gogs. When I commit to master a build is triggered. When I tag the repo in gogs, no build is triggered and no docker image built like I would expect. Here is my .drone.yml file:

image: plugins/docker
repo: larktech/mirror-repos
default_tags: true
event: [ push, tag ]

I enabled drone hooks for tag and deployment. I also checked on the gogs side and checked ‘Release’ which added to the list of enabled events: Create, Pull Request, Push. I can see that the webhook was triggered on the gogs side when I created a release, however no build ensued. Committing to master triggered the latest build as expected. What am I missing?

This is on SO here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47758527/tagging-in-gogs-not-triggering-build-with-drone-io

In many cases you can use the following information to debug why hooks are not working:

  • Check your gogs webhook history. was one sent?
  • Check the drone server logs. Drone logs every rejected webhook with a rejection reason.

In your particular case, however, you would see that no webhook was sent from gogs. This is because Drone does not add or support release events. Instead, drone supports tags created and pushed to the repository, which posts a create webhook to the Drone server.

Thanks, by tagging on the command line and pushing the tag I was able to trigger the build.

Is there any intention to support the release event in the future? It would be nice to have for our workflow.

Will Drone support release steps? I want to simplify workflow basing on GitHub Releases, but Drone doesn’t support it (even when it create tag)

Drone supports tag events – we use them to release Drone itself and you can see an example here https://cloud.drone.io/drone/drone/80.

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Oh, good.

@bradrydzewski do you use Github Releases or manually push tag? Second is less convenient

@bradrydzewski can you help?