Tag event being suppressed by last [ci skip] commit


I skipped CI for my last push (commit), due to which my immediate next event (TAG) also didn’t execute. Is this expected?

My use case:
A change in dockerfile wouldn’t affect my build, so i skipped ci for my commit, but on creation of tag, my docker build/ image definitely changes. But because of above behavior, drone skipped the event completely

@bradrydzewski, can you please help

also having this same issue. Is this intended functionality?

Yes, this is the intended behavior. Drone uses the commit message to determine if the build should be skipped. If you tag a commit that has [ci skip] in the commit message, it will be skipped.

Thanks for the response. CI skip makes sense for the push event, but should the tag also be skipped? I can see arguments for both. I guess in the current implementation it makes it consistent. If you made it so it still did the tag event, then there would be no way to skip tags. Although, you could argue that why would you want to skip tags if they are enabled on a repo…