Support starlark nested function definitions

Just wondering if this would be possible?

I am not familiar with nested function definitions, but the Starlark extension uses the official starlark-go library and should therefore support any language features supported by this library.

Hi Thanks for reply

There’s a flag which defaults to false - I think it might be as simple as setting this to true - I had a breif look at the extensions code but it’s a bit beyond me :stuck_out_tongue:

It claims these are either experimental features (not part of the formal spec) or deprecated. I do not have plans to support experimental or deprecated features and would therefore recommend forking for now. Once the feature is no longer experimental and no longer requires a feature flag, we can upgrade starlark-go to support.

Hi @bradrydzewski Thanks, I might fork it just to give it a go - I wonder if you could give me a pointer to where I would set that flag?