Support for Bare Metal OnDemand and Spot Market

Hi! I’m from Packet and we’re huge drone users and fans! We see your upcoming autoscale service which sound awesome. We’d love to help with the API integration so that drone users can use our on-demand AND spot market driven metal in global datacenters. Who to talk to? Does anybody want this? We support Intel x86, AMD EPYC and various ARMv8 processor architectures. thanks!


@zsmith928 I would love to see support added for If you want to discuss further you can shoot me an email at

I need this as well so will try to complete the implementation in the next few days.
Seems the repo is not open for PR’s?

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Hi Krasi,

Thanks for getting in touch. The issue tracker is currently disabled (as an experiment, long story) however, we are very open to pull requests and would love to support Packet.

@krasi-georgiev want to coordinate? Ping me at if you’d like and we can sync up.

I already started with the implementation and will ping you if I have any questions.

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