Support environment variables inside of settings for a pipeline step

I currently have the following config setup (I’m using a Jsonnet file), which isn’t working like I’d like it to:

local main() = {
  name: "main",
  kind: "pipeline",
  type: "docker",
  steps: [{
    name: "testing",
    image: "",
    settings: {
      username: "drone",
      password: {from_secret: "matrix_password"},
      homeserver: "https://${matrix_server}",
      room: "#testing-room:${matrix_server}"


I have the ${matrix_server} variable being provided by an environment extension, which is what I’m assuming is causing the issue since it’s values are only available from my runner when they appear to be needed by my Drone CI instance itself (afaik it works this way anyway, I may be wrong though).

I’m assuming this is a feature request considering what would be needed to do what I’m wanting, but I’d thought I’d throw it out here just in case.