stuck in state `default: Pending` on gcloud k8s cluster

I tried to follow the steps mentioned here GitHub - drone/charts: Helm charts for the Drone platform on Kubernetes.

I created a k8s cluster on gcloud and performed in sequence below steps:

  1. k8s in google cloud I can access from my machine.
  2. I added chart in helm

helm repo add drone helm repo update

  1. I created drone-values.yaml

service: type: LoadBalancer env: DRONE_SERVER_HOST: DRONE_SERVER_PROTO: http DRONE_RPC_SECRET: secret DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT_ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DRONE_GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy DRONE_USER_CREATE: username:kushwahashiv,admin:true

  1. installed drone

kubectl create ns drone helm install --namespace drone drone drone/drone -f drone-values.yaml

All the pods were created and running

  1. I created a file rone-runner-kube-values.yaml with below content

rbac: buildNamespaces: - drone env: DRONE_RPC_SECRET: secret DRONE_NAMESPACE_DEFAULT: drone

  1. Installed runner

helm install --namespace drone drone-runner-kube drone/drone-runner-kube -f drone-runner-kube-values.yaml

All the pods running successfully.

  1. When I sync repos and try to change the repo it triggers a build

Please take a look at the following thread which discusses reasons a build may to stuck in pending and how you can resolve. If you are unable to resolve using the thread, it provides a list of details that we need to see in order to help triage.