Still Processing... Message when Accessing the OverOps Dashboard

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The Still Processing notice is shown and is not going away after several minutes (5+ min)


  • Empty your Browser cache and log out of your dashboard and log in again
  • For Chrome users: Log in via Incognito mode
  • Validate that your firewall is not blocking traffic from / to Agent / Collector / Analytics Server
  • Ensure that the Agent and the Collector are active and running please follow the instructions in our Installation Troubleshooting guide.
  • If you are running older Version of the Agent and Collector please update your Agent and Collector to the latest Version.
    For details please see Upgrading OverOps.

If you still have an issue after following above steps please log a ticket with us so we can help you resolve this issue.


There can be several causes for this issue.

Individual event

If it lasts very long for an individual event this event might not have “matured” properly. Please look at a prior snapshot to see the variable states for this issue.

All events

Typically caused by

  • Browser Caching
  • Agent not running or not communicating to Collector
  • Collector not running
  • Encryption/Connectivity broken between Agent, Collector and Dashboard.
  • Firewall or Network issues