Step is pending with Docker runner

Hi guys, I am stuck at “step is pending” forever. How can I see more logs to see why this happen? and my runner is “successfully pinged the remote server”

Any suggestions to help analyze this?


Step is pending+1

My open source project builds are also stuck on pending for days. They were working fine last month and i haven’t made any changes to the CI.

The pending builds are arm64 builds. Has drone cloud dropped support for arm64 now ?

Build #433.1.1 - odygrd/quill - Drone CI

Happens to me too, not the first time it happened, Drone cloud builds stuck in pending - #3 by jimsheldon - seems like a reoccurring issue with Drone cloud…

Unfortunately I can observe the same things for my open source project which has been stuck for a number of days …even after canceling and restarting trying for several times…

Unfortunately no change. Kept stuck…