Step is pending forever in new Setup


I just created a local docker setup with the most recent version of Drone (2.16.0 for the server and 1.8.3 for the runner) with Gitea.
The repositories from Gitea were synchronized and the first build was created when I pushed into a new branch. But the UI keeps showing “Step is pending” in the default stage.
I think that the setup of the runner was also successful because it states “successfully pinged the remote server” and “successfully pinged the docker daemon”.
I have already enabled debug tracing.

Is there anything I can do to debug the issue? I have the impression that the server does not try to contact the runner.

Thanks in advance!

I managed to solve the case. The pipeline was copied from another repository and set the platform to arm. But I am running on amd64. So there was simply no runner that could execute the build.