Status dashboard for cloud edition?

Hello, we are using Drone Cloud. Sometimes our builds take longer in the pending state, and I assume this is because the managed service is busy, upgrading, or similar. I am wondering if there is a way for us to tell what is happening when our builds are stuck ‘pending’. In particular, I am wondering if there is a status dashboard, forum, email subscription, or similar to let us know when we should expect for Drone to be slow to pick up new jobs.

Thank you.

This topic is for the case of running your own Drone Builds are Stuck in Pending Status

today we had an open source project consume 40+ servers for 30+ minutes each which reduced our capacity, resulting in longer-than-normal queue times.

This is exactly the kind of information I’m looking for. Is there anywhere I can find this information without requiring me to file a new Topic each time?

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