SSL Failed Query

Hi Team,

In 0.7 we are using a environment variable DRONE_GITHUB_SKIP_VERIFY=false .
Can you please let me know what it actually does.
If it disable the ssl on drone side or it disable the ssl when we are creating the webhooks.
As we are using github which creates the webhook connection with drone over ssl that get fail when we disable the SSL on drone side.
It gives the error like " Connection is not trusted with peer", so able to create webhooks.

Please suggest on this

This field disables SSL verification for outbound requests to GitHub. It does not disable SSL verification for inbound requests from GitHub.

If you are using a self-signed certificate with drone and need to disable SSL verification on inbound requests to Drone from GitHub you will need to update the webhook configuration in the GitHub user interface. There is a “Disable SSL Verification” button that you will need to click, as demonstrated in the below screenshot.