Splunk forwarder integration to observe delegate.log

This article covers how you can integrate Splunk forwarder with harness delegate to capture the delegate logs.

We currently do not have a provision to expose Manager logs through the endpoint through which you can leverage. However, you can store delegate.log in your environment and parse these log files to Splunk for further observability; The delegate.log is located at path /opt/harness-delegate/delegate.log

In order to move the logs from the Pod to your local please find the below article which walks you through the same with a video attached as well :

Since this a file being pulled with content inside it you also need to provide the destination as a file inside which the content can be stored.

  • We then need run the command as below :
kubectl cp <pod name>:<path to the file>/example.txt <destination path>/example-new.txt 
kubectl cp delegate-jdomhr-5bdf4:/opt/harness-delegate/example.txt /home/user/example-new.txt

You can further follow the official Splunk docs of how install splunk forwarder for linux machines here :

We already have an existing documentation to integrate Splunk with Harness to have detailed verification metrics in connection to Monitoring the Deployments Connect to Splunk | Harness Developer Hub.

Also reference:

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