Specifying an image tag from a build parameter

As I understand, build parameters are introduced as environment variables to each step in a pipeline. How can I specify an image (one which built in another pipeline) to use for a step using a build parameter?

    image: myimage:${IMAGE_TAG-latest}
      - make

The idea being that I could trigger this pipeline from the pipeline that builds myimage, passing the tag of the image that was just built and pushed, to validate that the image works before tagging it latest. Thanks much!

+1 to this feature. I’m setting up a multi-architecture pipeline and it’s quite tedious and counter-intuitive to repeat the entire build pipeline with another when guard for each architecture. It’s setting up to be a maintenance nightmare. Using substitution in the image field allows me to maintain just one pipeline for all architectures. Ideally, this would include the clone block, as well.