Source code of 1.0.0 rc?

Where is the source code for the 1.0 rc branch? I have been searching for it but I couldn’t found it.
The only way to use the 1.0.0 version is to use the official docker image?



I don’t want to be too harsh but this is supposed to be an open source project, so we expect the see the source code of what we’re running.

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the core code you can see in
it seems 1.0 have split code to modules.

To be honest I don’t think you’re being too harsh. I know people that wanted to use drone and they stopped considering it cause they can’t trust it anymore due to the lack of a clear timeline on becoming opensource again (because right now it’s clearly not).

This has been discussed in other threads including a more detailed explanation of why the current branch is private. As mentioned in the previous comment in this thread, 1.0-rc is not open source yet because the source is not published. If you want to use an Open Source version of Drone you can use 0.8. The 1.0 source will be published when it is ready, for reasons mentioned in the other thread.