Sonatype NexusIQ Lifecycle - Activate Scenario

Suggested Reading: What is a Scenario?

Sonatype NexusIQ Lifecycle is a commercial tool and therefore a valid license is necessary to activate its Scenario.

Tool Specific Permissions

You can use the ZeroNorth Scenario called nexusiq-default to orchestrate a composition analysis of your project or build artifact using your own Sonatype account. Composition analysis by Sonatype NexusIQ Lifecycle will identify use of open-source components that might introduce security risks to your application.

Obtaining your Sonatype Organization ID

To obtain your “Organization ID” needed for activating the Scenario:

  1. Sign in to your Sonatype account.
  2. Navigate to the “Organizations & Policies” section of the web UI.
  3. Your Organization ID is the right most portion of your URL.

See below illustration for an example:

Activate Sonatype NexusIQ Scenario

  1. Login to the web UI and then go to zn ADM > Scenarios .
  2. Locate “Sonatype” under Products .
  3. Click on +Add Scenario to the bottom right of the Product.
  4. Select Scenario Configuration “nexusiq-default”.

Items in bold are required.

  • Name (see our Scenario Name Recommendations)
  • Organization Id - see previous instructions for a detailed explanation on this
  • API username - this is the login name for your Sonatype account
  • API password - this is the password for your Sonatype account
  • API URL - this is the URL you use to access your Sonatype account


  • Scenario will become available as a drop down when creating a Policy
  • Scenario tile will change from “inactive” to “active”