[solved] Webhook received, no build created

Hi all, I’m having some issues getting drone on kubernetes up and running. I’ve installed both the drone and drone kubernetes runner charts. The github webhook is able to hit my ingress. However, when I make a commit to my repository, and github webhook makes a subsequent post for the push event, github says it times out on delivery.

When I look at the drone server logs, it is parsing the webhook event, but no build happens. I get the following messages in the log:

{“commit”:“3c51216f81500c7b4a0f89efae2ee56c3a42d10e”,“event”:“push”,“level”:“debug”,“msg”:“webhook parsed”,“name”:“exodus-services-tekton-test”,“namespace”:“tractsoft”,“time”:“2020-03-06T16:42:08Z”}
{“commit”:“3c51216f81500c7b4a0f89efae2ee56c3a42d10e”,“event”:“push”,“level”:“debug”,“msg”:“trigger: received”,“ref”:“refs/heads/master”,“repo”:“tractsoft/exodus-services-tekton-test”,“time”:“2020-03-06T16:42:08Z”}

The kubernetes runner never seems to pick anything up off the queue…all I get in the kubernetes runner logs is this:

time=“2020-03-06T16:22:02Z” level=debug msg=“request stage from remote server” thread=98
time=“2020-03-06T16:22:02Z” level=debug msg=“request stage from remote server” thread=99
time=“2020-03-06T16:22:32Z” level=trace msg=“http: no content returned: re-connect and re-try”
time=“2020-03-06T16:23:12Z” level=trace msg=“http: no content returned: re-connect and re-try”

I get this message in the drone server logs:
{“arch”:"",“kernel”:"",“kind”:“pipeline”,“level”:“debug”,“msg”:“manager: request queue item”,“os”:"",“time”:“2020-03-06T16:46:02Z”,“type”:“kubernetes”,“variant”:""}

Followed by this message at some point:
{“arch”:"",“kernel”:"",“kind”:“pipeline”,“level”:“debug”,“msg”:“manager: context canceled”,“os”:"",“time”:“2020-03-06T16:45:52Z”,“type”:“kubernetes”,“variant”:""}

…and that’s all I get. Any help would be appreciated.

Please see below following threads which provide detailed guides for debugging. I am not clear on the exact state of your system so I am providing two different threads.

I had already reviewed those threads (found them actually in a previous post you had made) my situation does not seem to apply under any of the listed scenarios.

@mmccord-mdbuyline please see the Still having issues? section in the thread which lists the information that is required to debug.

Is there a way to make file attachments? Because that’s a lot of info to just copy and paste into a thread.

also I am still unclear as to whether or not a build is being created when a webhook is received, and is stuck in pending, or no build is being created.

No build is created. Webhook is recieved (as indicated from the logs above).

For large files you can use pastebin

Note I also edited the title of this issue. As written, it implied the Kubernetes runner is broken and is not pulling builds from the queue. Based on your previous comment, no build entry is being created, which means no builds are being enqueued. The issue being discussed in this thread is about webhook processing and creating a build entry, which does not involve the kubernetes runner.

I finally figured it out, previously it had not been emitting the error message about a missing drone config yaml in the repo, but in trying to produce full logs to paste into pastepin, I noticed this error message. Turns out, it was named .drone.yaml instead of .drone.yml. Go figure. Thanks for your time and the prompt responses!