[SOLVED]Secrets duplicates while using gcloud

when Im trying to do the auth for gcloud with pulling from my secrets into a json file, it seems that a duplicate secret is created

This would not be possible in 0.8 (latest stable version). It is likely that you added the secret, and then attempted to update the secret but used different casing when referencing the secret name. In 0.7 and below, different casing could result in a duplicate being created. In 0.8 or higher this would not be possible.

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ok, but now when I try to upgrade to 0.8 i get the

drone-agent_1 | time="2017-10-30T13:51:00Z" level=fatal msg="DRONE_HOST is not properly configured"

even though I’m pretty sure i configured it right.

Got the answer right here :smiley: