[SOLVED] Running in privileged mode

I’m trying to build a Rust project and use Tarpaulin to run test coverages. It appears that I need to run the docker image in privileged mode to work. Whats the right way to go about enabling privileged mode? When I add “privileged:true” to the yaml I get “untrusted repositories cannot enable privileged mode”.


only trusted repositories can enable privileged mode. To mark a repository as trusted, there is a checkbox in the repository settings that you need to enable. This checkbox is only available to system admins. To grant system admin access to a user see https://docs.drone.io/server/user/admin/

I’m using the cloud version of Drone.

Trusted mode grants root access to the host machine on which the build is running. For security reasons we do not grant trusted privileges to users of Drone cloud. It you require access to the host machine to run your build, you will need to setup your own Drone installation.