[solved] Markdown badge is showing wrong build status

I am new to Drone and before opening issue would like to give a shot here to get an idea of a novice question.

Markdown link says build failure (https://ci.vmware.run/api/badges/vmware/docker-volume-vsphere/status.svg)

where as latest builds are passing (https://ci.vmware.run/vmware/docker-volume-vsphere)

<Project name="vmware/docker-volume-vsphere" activity="Sleeping" lastBuildStatus="Success" lastBuildLabel="1689" lastBuildTime="2017-03-16T13:31:26Z" webUrl="https://ci.vmware.run/vmware/docker-volume-vsphere/1689"/>

The badge reflects the status for the last push to the default branch, generally master. So in this case the badge is working as expected.

I see thanks for the response!