[SOLVED] High CPU usage in idle because of health checks

Please delete the thread, I just found the root cause


I deployed drone and one runner via docker-compose and noticed that there is high CPU usage while the deployment runs. I don’t execute anything on the runner, so just a huge increase of mOP/s for having it started.

I have no clue why this is happening. I think that the increase of mOP/s is massive (~100, which is doubling it then). Average load of the machine also increases from ~1.00 to 1.90.

In the graph, the time when the first drop pops up is important: each drop is the point in time I did docker-compose down and it increases when I did docker-compose up -d again.

Drops mean I downed the compose file. It’s reproducible.

I guess I just found the root cause which are healthchecks in the compose file.