[Solved] Gitlab API V4 Breaking Change 0.8-rc.4


As noted here: https://github.com/drone/drone/pull/2161#issuecomment-329414875 we’ve been bitten by our internal instance of Gitlab running 8.X rather than 9.X and therefore not fully supporting the V4 API, meaning we need to pin ourselves to rc.3 for now. This means we miss out on a number of improvements we were keen on with rc.4 and rc.5, to say nothing of the future work.

I’m proposing to do the work if it\s likely to be merged in given it’s affected us personally, but would there be any objections to the idea of defaulting to the V4 API but allowing users to provide an environment variable such as DRONE_GITLAB_API_VERSION to allow users to override this and use?


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No worries, I will have something for you shortly

I just merged https://github.com/drone/drone/pull/2215

And provided some instructions and implementation details here https://github.com/drone/drone/pull/2161#issuecomment-329512640

BTW good to hear from you. Its been a while!

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Brilliant, thanks for the super swift response, certainly faster than I would have managed to implement it!

I’ve responded on the issue comment, and will give it a bit more of a full workout tomorrow UK time, but it looks good our end.

Yeah, unfortunately I’ve spent the past few months sliding more and more towards becoming a sysadmin rather than being able to code day to day at work so haven’t found the time to contribute around the Gitter channels as much, particularly as we were still stuck on 0.4!

Hoping to change that and contribute some stuff back towards the project in the near future, famous last words… :laughing: