[solved] Github handlers with bitbucket integration

I have just installed drone with bitbucket integration and seems everything works, but in console I get confusing log messages with github.com endpoints:

[GIN-debug] GET    /static/*filepath         --> github.com/drone/drone/router.Load.func1 (2 handlers)
drone-server_1  | [GIN-debug] GET    /login                    --> github.com/drone/drone/server.ShowLogin (15 handlers)
drone-server_1  | [GIN-debug] GET    /login/form               --> github.com/drone/drone/server.ShowLoginForm (15 handlers)
drone-server_1  | [GIN-debug] GET    /logout                   --> github.com/drone/drone/server.GetLogout (15 handlers)
drone-server_1  | [GIN-debug] GET    /api/user                 --> github.com/drone/drone/server.GetSelf (16 handlers)

Is it ok?

Is it ok?

Yes, what you are seeing are Go package names. Go packages use the fully qualified repository url in the package name.

So if we take a look at this line:


This is the package:


And this is a function in the package

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Thanks, understood…