[SOLVED] Gitea-release plugin returns 404


i am using gitea and drone-ci (latest tag) to build a binary and publish it to gitea releases.
The build stage works fine but the release stage fails with the following error:

404 Not Found
time="2019-02-21T08:58:35Z" level=fatal msg="Failed to create the release. Failed to retrieve or create a release: Failed to create release: 404 Not Found" 

My drone-config looks like this:

name: default
  - name: build
    image: rust
      - cargo build --release
  - name: publish
    image: plugins/gitea-release
      api_key: $$api_key
      base_url: https://git.mydomain.tld
      files: target/release/rust-ci-test
        - md5
        - sha1
        - sha256
        - sha512
      event: tag

The api_key secret is configured in drone.
base_url should also be correct

Can you give me any advice how to solve this?

Solved by setting the api token like its described in the docs.