[SOLVED] Drone CI build keeps failing

All I’m able to get out of everything I can see is this:

I’ve tried turning on DRONE_LOGS_DEBUG to true, but I couldn’t find anything meaningful out of them (they’re here if anyone else wants a shot at them).

The build itself can be found here if it helps at all, with the Drone CI config located here.

Anything I’m just overlooking?

Edit: I’m using drone/drone:2 with drone/drone-runner-docker:1.

there is a known UI regression where error messages are not being properly displayed. Until that UI regression is fixed you can typically find the error by looking at the HTTP payload using your chrome dev tools. See this thread which gives an example http://discuss.harness.io/t/pipeline-fails-with-clone-skipped-docker-stack/9131/10

That solved the issue (for reference, was just a misnamed Docker image in one of my steps).

Thanks again!