[solved] Drone build is not running

I use “cloud.drone.io” to run my build, but for some reason the build is not running. It used to run, but from all of a sudden it stopped running. i don’t get any error anywhere. It will be stuck and the build keep rotating. Please find the attached ss.

Can any please help me here… Thank you

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It looks like your build is sitting in queue waiting for an available server. Drone has a limited number of servers available, and if the system has a spike in volume, builds may sit in queue longer than usual. (note that this is just a guess. I can’t check on your specific repository since you did not provide your repository name)

I was able to find your repository and inspect your pipeline configuration (below). The reason your pipeline is sitting in a pending state because you are trying to execute pipelines on Windows, however, Drone Cloud only supports Linux.

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: deployment

  arch: amd64
  os: windows

- name: dotnet-build
  image: mcr.microsoft.com/dotnet/framework/runtime:4.8
      - dotnet --version

When you try to execute a pipeline for an unsupported platform it will sit in a pending state for a period of time and then will eventually be killed. If you need to execute pipelines on windows you will need to install Drone on your own server; you cannot use Drone Cloud with windows.