[solved] Drone 2.0 Build UI not refreshing

Simple just as the title says.
Build steps are not loading automatically. I have to refresh the page to see progress otherwise the UI hangs on first pipeline step.


I’m seeing the same thing with 2.0.0, requires a refresh.


Seeing the same problem :confused:

I am unable to reproduce (see this video I recently recorded where auto-update works as expected). I would encourage someone that is able to consistently reproduce to triage and suggest a fix.

I’ve reproduced this in Safari and Firefox. The call to /api/stream occasionally fails with NS_BINDING_ABORTED. Often times the network tab shows no headers, request, or response for the /api/stream request.

For what it’s worth, I’m running Drone behind nginx and had some 'upstream prematurely closed connection while reading upstream … request: “/api/stream HTTP/1.1” ’ messages in the nginx error logs. After tweaking some nginx settings, I no longer have those messages in the logs but the UI issue remains.

I’m happy to provide a video of the issue! Unfortunately I’m of no use as far as suggesting a fix.

Same problem here, running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Pi OS 64-bit behind an nginx proxy.
I’m using the same nginx configuration as described here: Setup with Nginx

I can confirm, imho it’s not nginx

look at UI does not auto-refresh when build steps are done

I still see this issue if I bypass nginx and go directly to Drone

How is your organization or repository are named? Do they have any uppercases or dots, underscores as word separators?

Coming with basically the same issue - seems like the naming part of repository is the issue here:

Interesting! We see this issue with a repo that only has lowercase characters in its name. However our GitHub organization name is camel case like this person’s

I can confirm this is fixed for me in drone/drone:2.0.2. Looks like this commit did the trick.