[SOLVED] Can .drone.yaml be hosted in a remote warehouse?

Does it support Jenkins pipeline, put jenkinfile in remote git warehouse to call, and can specify matching file name, so that centralized management is more efficient and convenient. And it is more friendly to the construction of multiple warehouses, such as microservices.

Yes, you can create a drone extension (https://docs.drone.io/extensions/configuration/) where you can cover such a case.

I read this document carefully, but I still don’t know how to host the configuration files. For example, I have three configuration files a, b, and c. I want them to be placed in warehouse R1, and then warehouse R2 refers to configuration file a. May I ask the warehouse R1 .drone.yaml how to write

You would need to write code using that extension that would parse which repo a build was requested for, and then request the appropriate drone yaml from your central repository.

The example does something similar to what you want, except it keeps the config in the code of the extension itself https://github.com/drone/boilr-config/blob/master/template/plugin/plugin.go

Give me an example to demonstrate, I don’t know how to use it, can you write a simple example?

The link https://github.com/drone/boilr-config/blob/master/template/plugin/plugin.go is the best example I can give. Right now it provides a hardcoded response, but you could extend it use Github API to look up drone yaml from a central repository. It’s probably 90% done what you need already. If you need custom development, perhaps Harness has a DevRel team that you could engage with.

Are there any easy-to-understand, complete and comprehensive tutorials, articles, and links?

We provide comprehensive documentation and a starter project to create custom extensions that can be used for returning the yaml from from an external source. These were previously mentioned in this thread, but I am consolidating here:

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