[SOLVED] Bitbucket Server: no webhooks are created and no builds are starting

I did manage to deploy drone-server and drone-agent in a GKE Kubernetes cluster.

When I go to my http://drone.foobar.com/ I successfully go through the OAuth dance.

I am able to see all the git repositories in my BitBucket Server and I activated couple of repositories. In both repositories at least one branch has a .drone.yml file (e.g. master in one and develop in another).

However, I can not see any way in the UI to manually kick off the builds for these repos. A git push to these branches does not start a build.

I also don’t see any webhooks getting created in BitBucket Server - so that at least explains why git push is not triggering a build.

kubectl logs on the server and agent both look normal - no errors.


This came up yesterday in our Slack channel. Here is a copy of the discussion.

Thanks. I’ll install the plugin and see how it goes.

Since I don’t have access to Slack channel, any way I can find out what hooks folder files were missing?

Unfortunately I’m not sure which files were missing, since this was not discussed in the Slack channel. Perhaps the Atlassian support team can advise further on additional setup requirements in the hooks folder.

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