Snyk - Policy Options

Compatible Integrations

  • Requires set up of Repository Integration (Github) and Target(s) of that type before Policy creation.
  • Note that your Twistlock Scenario will only appear in your Policy options if you have a selected a Target with an Integration of Repository type Gihub.

Create Policy

Suggested reading: Create a Policy

  1. Navigate to znOPS > Policies .
  2. Click on the +Add Policy button on the bottom right of the screen.

Policy Set Up

Policy Options

Suggested reading: ZN’s Supported Execution Modes, Snyk - ZN’s Supported Execution Modes & Supported Versions of Tool

Orchestrated Scans

In general, the “Orchestrated Scans” option will result in ZeroNorth creating a configured item in the security tool instance and then extract results from the security tool.

  • As a default the “Policy Type” in the “Scenario” section of the Policy set up is set to “Orchestrated Scan”. If it is not, In the “Scenario” section of the Policy set up, select “Orchestrated Scan” for “Policy Type”.