Small bug in Deactivation repository


Using docker image drone/drone:0.8.0-rc.3 with nginx as reverse proxy with ssl.

Whenever you go to http://${DRONE_HOST}/account/repos and deactivate a repository it says that it was deactivated successfully, if you click again to activate it, it still says the same message that it was deactivated successfully if you refresh the page activation is now possible.

Should i create github issue about that?

This sounds like a drone-ui issue, so I think it makes sense to create an issue there if it doesn’t already exist

UI issues should be created at

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@UnAfraid what remote are you using? I think I remember running into a weird edge case with bitbucket server where that happened and could be a “remote” issue on the server. When you put the issue in drone-ui, you might want to also put the other setup you have like remotes and what not to help track it down :slight_smile:

@josmo I am using GitHub

ah then probably UI :slight_smile: Github has been super solid from my experience :slight_smile: