Slack template error at drone 1.0

If I put parameters username upon template, it shows error [could not find expected ‘:’]
like this:

It will be successful, when I modify parameters order.

The Template failed again.

Please ensure yaml files are formatted when posting to the forum. Also, if you would like assistance resolving template errors you should include the actual templates in your examples. Without enough data to reproduce the problem we will be unable to assist.

Sorry, I repost it.
I think its plugins’ error.
Step works without username.

- name: slack
  image: plugins/slack
    channel: monitor
    username: drone
    template: >
      {{#success build.status}}
        {{}}  build {{build.number}}  {{build.ref}}  {{}}  succeeded.
        {{}}  build {{build.number}}  {{build.ref}}  {{}}  failed.